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3 Signs You’re Making Things Harder Than They Need To Be

The journey to achieving your dreams does not always need to be full of struggle and hard work is not always a sign of success. Let’s talk about the signs that we’re making things harder than they need to be instead of letting things be easy.

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Affirmation: I will let things be easy

Am I the only one who has a hard time letting things be easy?

I’m a planner and an over thinker so I need to know: 
👉 every detail,
how things are going to work,
👉  what I need to do, how I can prepare for any and every obstacle.
My brain is constantly in overdrive all the time.

So much so, that I never have the mental space to actually be present with the very thing I’m planning for. If you’re like me let me know because this affirmation is for the both of us 🤗.

When we have a hard time letting things be easy it’s usually a sign of one or all of these three things.

Sign 1: We have unhealthy beliefs or fears that are hindering our ability to trust that God has got our back (and we need to process them).

Maybe you’re the type who is scared of easy. Struggle is all you’ve ever known. Maybe it’s all your family has ever known. So the absence of the struggle feels scary and like something is off. 

You feel as if you’re not on the right track because you’re not fighting a barrier or facing an obstacle, so you create one. Ease? Who wants that. 

I’m talking about the people who are addicted to struggle. Where’s my, “alls my life I had to fight,” friends at? The ones where you listen to their stories and think to yourself, “it kind of sounds like you’re the one creating a problem for yourself”. We all can think of a friend like that…or maybe you’re that friend 👀. This is a safe space, there’s no shame!

This belief that struggle is a way of life, has us out here questioning everything:

👉 That person seemed too nice they probably have ulterior motives
👉 Breaking up with another boyfriend even though things were going well all because you believe “good guys don’t exist.”

Please hear me out I am not ignoring the role that trauma has on creating unhealthy beliefs in our lives but I want to point out that when we let these beliefs go unrecognized and unprocessed it makes it very hard to let things be easy. We will overcomplicate things and self sabotage because our beliefs inform how we engage with the world.

A good example is Abraham and Sarah. In case you don’t know the Bible story, I will quickly break it down for you.

God promised Abraham that he would make a nation out of him. Abraham who was around 90 at the time, had doubts (understandably so). But despite his doubts, Abraham had a strong belief that he served a faithful God so Abraham felt comfortable enough to bring his doubts to God.

His wife Sarah on the other hand, was way past doubt. She did not believe that she could have a baby in her old age and in fact laughed when she overheard the prophesy about her having a son.

Now you have to imagine that Sarah, who has been trying to have kids for decades at this point, knows a life of struggle. Without her having to explicitly say it we can see her beliefs dripping through her attitude and her reactions towards what God is saying concerning her having kids. It is this unhealthy belief that leads her to go and complicate things by encouraging Abraham to go sleep with another woman (and then gets upset at her husband when that woman ends up pregnant).

We may read that story in the Bible and think, “Wow things got unnecessarily complicated” but we do the same. It may not be to that extreme level but we all have those, “how did things get so hard” moments. If we were to take the time to reflect on it, we will see that it’s a deeply hidden belief that started it all.

This is why I am hosting the Reset Your Faith challenge: a FREE 5 day challenge to help us begin to identify some of those beliefs that is making it hard for us to trust God and to let things be easy. You can sign up for the challenge by clicking below!

Sign 2: We’re holding on to too tightly to our own plans rather than the purpose God has for us.

I’m calling out all my perfectionist friends, stop trying to make things perfect all the time.

We’re so busy trying to get God to assist us in our plans, when we’re the ones that’s actually assisting God in His plans. You are not the CEO in this situation.

We can’t mess up the plans God has for us, but we can definitely make things difficult.

Here’s proof in ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭19:21‬ ‭MSG‬‬ it says, “We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.”

Let go of the control friend, it’s only driving you crazy and you’re not having any fun anyways.

Things don’t need to go according to your plan, they just need to go according to God’s. Loosen your grip a bit.

Simple is sometimes better, messy is sometimes better.

Going back to unhealthy beliefs that we hold onto, here’s another sign that’s stopping you from letting things be easy. 

Sign 3: You equate HARD work to success but being busy and struggling all the time does not mean you have good work ethic. And it definitely doesn’t guarantee success.

Here’s proof, Psalms 127:1-2 it says,

“If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks. If God doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap. It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?”

In another translation it says, “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling…” (NIV)

Wow, we really work ourselves silly for no reason. Meanwhile God is waiting for us to slow down so that he can offer us rest. This verse is a reminder that, hard work is not needed to prove that you’re successful and struggle does not have to be a part of your journey. 

So how exactly do we let things be easy? First, know it’s a process. It takes time to unlearn some of those unhealthy beliefs we’ve been holding onto and if you want some help getting started I encourage you to join my free reset your faith challenge.

Second, Jesus gives us the answer for those of us that struggle with letting things be easy, in Matthew 11:28-29 which says:

“Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Once we get tired of striving and making things hard for ourselves,  we’ll learn that we don’t have to chase our blessings because God has already said what’s for you is for you and not even you can mess that up.

So why not drop the burden of struggle and accept the rest instead? Why not welcome the ease that God wants to give us instead of choosing to make things hard. 

What if we learned to relax and truly take up the rest that God is offering us? What if finding rest is allowing things to be easy.

Ready to let go of those limiting beliefs that are stopping you from having a thriving life and relationship with God? Then apply for 1 on 1 coaching and see how coaching can help you break through those unhealthy mindsets. It’s time to make room for joy, abundance, intimacy, and freedom in your life ❤️.

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