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7 Tips To Protect Your Mental Health As A Christian

Most of us often pray to have more time and it seemed it had actually been given to us.

Most of us often pray to have more time and it seemed it had actually been given to us. I found my mind getting filled with so many new creative ideas to fill my time with (on top of the ideas I already had), and that’s when I began to get overwhelmed. You see, when you are not prepared for an overflow it can cause anxiety which can cause paralysis.

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Tip 1 - Balance Information

As a therapist and faith coach, I’ve shared this tip with my clients and I myself also live by this tip. It is unbelievably important, imperative, critical, significant, (and all other synonyms for important you can think of) that you create a balance in information that works for you. Know enough to stay informed about things, but you are allowed to not know everything in order to protect your mental health.

For example, with COVID, it was important to know how many feet you should stay away from someone if you have to be out in public. However, was it important to know the news stations personal opinions about the virus at 5 AM in the morning? Probably not.

Make sure you find a balance in information that is healthy, with the rate that things are changing and information is being sent out, your mental health requires this of you. Find your balance, set your boundaries, and please do it soon.

Tip 2 - Process Your Feelings

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If no one has told you this yet, let me tell you:
Your feelings are okay.
Your feelings are normal.
Your feelings are not wrong.
Your feelings are real.
And you are allowed to have your feelings.

Do not let the mayhem of the world, the anxiety of the nation, or the ignorance of your neighbor, or even your well intentioned family member tell you differently. If you’re devastated that graduation was canceled or that your wedding is pushed back. You’re allowed to be, and that is okay.

We are complex beings which means we have complex feelings. One can be both devastated and empathetic. Being devastated does not mean you don’t care about those who are impacted by the virus. Allow yourself the grace to process your feelings. It’s more important that you do so, especially if you are stuck at home. Not having as much activities does not allow you to process your feelings in other ways that may be used to such as distractions at work, or going to the gym. 

Making sure you are being intentional about finding other ways to allow yourself to feel, and process your emotions in healthy ways. Whether that’s through journaling, drawing, or simply talking about it with a safe person.

Tip 3 - Create A Routine

Let me tell ya’ll, this was a big one for me! During the quarantine, I went to work on a Monday and was told to start working from home that same day and not to return to the office indefinitely. For many of us, work shifted just as abruptly. If you’re like me and you live by routines that was a big no no.

It was like an internal alarm was going off inside me. It did not take long for my mental health to take a dip shortly after. That’s when I realized I had to get things in order. Staying home and watching Netflix may seem like fun and games until you begin to feel lonely, or your depression kicks back in. Creating a routine helps you to be on guard. Staying home doesn’t mean you let self care and your mental health fall to the wayside.

A quick tip on creating a new routine:
Set a schedule, list things that you need to do and want to do then schedule them throughout the week. For some you may need every day and every hour accounted for, for some you just need a loose guideline. Either way, create a routine and stick to it.

Tip 4 - Pray

If you’ve been following The Lived Verse™ for a while, you know how much I love to talk about the importance of prayer. I believe in the power of prayer and have seen its effects in my life. Maybe you haven’t had time to pray in a long time and now is that time. Pray for yourself, pray for your family, pray for your friends, pray for your dreams and goals, pray about your worries and regrets.

If want tips on how to pray through anxiety you can check out the free anxiety prayer guide and follow @itsjelilat for more faith and mental health tips.

Pray for restoration, pray for healing. There is no better time than now to deepen your relationship with God. Learn to talk to him as you go throughout your day. Learn how to listen to him in the midst of chaos. That is a skill that will serve in your favor for your entire lifetime. I encourage you to pray continually during this time and after.

Tip 5 - Spend Time Alone

During the quarantine, some of us may have been stuck in a place with a bunch of people, maybe it’s roommates, maybe it’s family members or a bunch of strangers. Maybe you still are. Without anywhere to go, try as much as you can to get some alone time. Whether that’s taking a longer time in the shower to decompress, or hiding in your closet for 5 minutes to just sit with yourself. Whatever you need to do to get some alone time, get it. It’s important that you make time to check in with yourself when you can. It’s about being proactive and not reactive when it comes to your mental health.

Tip 6 - Spend Time With Others

On the flip side some of us may have too much alone time and need to make sure we get human connection. We talked about creating a routine in tip 3. Make sure to schedule in a set time to connect with family or friends. Social media is better than nothing, but it does not have the same level of impact as actually talking with someone on the phone, FaceTiming, or spending quality time with them. Get creative, you can call it social time or something just make sure you are getting that needed connection, and providing that needed connection for others as well. Maybe get to know your neighbor who you’ve walked past for the last 5 years without anything more than a simple “hi”.

Tip 7 - Spend Time With God

We touched on this a bit with tip 4. But I felt it was important to give it its own tip slot. Some of us have been crying out to God and waiting on his answers for some time now. Well, I am here to remind you that the best place to hear God is in the stillness.

Suggested: season of rest video about strategy
If you are keeping up with TLV’s current series, Seasons of Rest, then you know we talk about how to identify what type of season God has you in.

This is the time to gain clarity and strategy for things you didn’t have the chance to before. Most importantly this is the time to develop a greater relationship with God that may be needed for whatever God has in store for you next. If you aren’t already, I highly encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter and connect with me on social media. My content is rooted in people growing in their faith and would be a really good resource during this time.

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