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How to be open to the new

Seasons of transition can be scary but they are a natural part of life. If you struggle with change, you’re not alone. Let’s learn how to be open to the new together ❤️

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Affirmation: I will be open to the new

What if it didn’t always have to be a fight with God when he’s trying to do something new in our lives?

What if we trusted that if God was able to give us this life or this thing that we really love and are having difficulty letting go of, then he can give us something even better to hold on to next?

What if we loosened our grip on what life is supposed to be like or look like because we’re never really in control like we think anyways.

So why stress ourselves pretending like we are?

What if we approached life with God with a humble curiosity ?

A lot of us pray asking God for what we want to see happen. You may even tag a “but of course, let your will be done not mine” at the end just to make it seem like you’re open. When in reality you’re not.

I’m definitely guilty of doing this sometimes. (I know I’m not alone in that, I’m calling us all out right now.)

But what if we prayed, “Lord what is your will for my life? What do you want to do through me? Show me so I can partner with you.”

Do you see the shift? Humble curiosity forces you to pause your own agendas in order to make room for God’s voice.

Now asking God for what you want is not a bad thing, and God encourages us to do so (and to do it boldly in fact). BUT when you stop being open to new things because you’re so set on that one thing you want, then it becomes a problem.

Allow yourself to let go of some control by reminding yourself with this affirmation, I will be open to the new.

When we say this affirmation to ourselves, I will be open to the new

We are also allowing ourselves a moment to pause and check in with ourselves. If you find yourself in a season of transition that’s making you anxious, I want you to take a moment and process these questions. 

What about my past season am I afraid to let go of?

What about this new season is giving me anxiety?

How can I invite God into this transition?

When we take a moment to actually put words to the thoughts we’re having and naming the feelings behind them, we’re better able to commit them to God in order to help us make room for the next best thing God has in store for us.

A prayer to help us be more open ❤️

Lord, help us to be open. 
Because we’re not just open to the new,
but we’re open to
whatever it is you want to do in and through us Lord.
We want you to have your way.
Help us not to be in our own way,
as we get ready for you to move.
In Jesus name, Amen.

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