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How To Give Yourself Grace

You don’t have to beat yourself up if you’re not where you want to be yet. Jesus died so that grace is available to us. Here’s how to give yourself grace. 

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Affirmation: I can give myself grace if I still have room to grow.

Let me ask you a question. What is your first reaction whenever you feel like you really messed up?

Do you say things like,
“I’m worthless.” 
“I can never do anything right.” “What’s wrong with me?”

Or do you say things like,
“I messed up this time, but I can try again tomorrow.” 
“That sucked but I can grow from this.” 
“I may have messed up but this does not define me as a person.”

This affirmation, I can give myself grace even if I still have room to grow is what helped me go from constantly beating myself up, to giving myself grace. Continue reading as I break down exactly how I made this shift in my life.

We live in a time where becoming your best self is the ultimate goal but what most people don’t realize is that, becoming our best selves is a lifelong goal.

Why? Because we will always fall short in some area of our life and that can be a hard pill to swallow.

I’m not saying that there’s always going to be this toxic aspect of ourselves that we can never get rid of. What I am saying, is that we’re always a work in progress. We’re always going to have room to grow into our best selves because the only one that was born their best self straight out their mother’s womb was Jesus. 

Us on the other hand, we got room to grow.

So what does that mean? How then do we navigate this in between?

Well it sure doesn’t mean we should spend all of our lives beating ourselves up just because we fall short of all these standards we’re constantly asking ourselves to meet.

The Bible encourages us to praise God in faith for the things that are yet to be but will be. In other words while you’re waiting on a blessing from God, we are to praise God. 

If we can stand in faith and believe in faith, why can’t we do the same with grace? If while we’re waiting to get to that next level, that next version of ourselves that we have yet to become, why can’t we praise God that we’re not who we used to be? Why can’t we show ourselves some love by thanking God for how far we’ve come? 

This affirmation helps us make room in our lives to do exactly that. 

I can give myself grace if I still have room to grow.

The grace we give ourselves vs the grace God offers us.

The grace we offer ourselves is not the same kind of grace God offers us.

Our grace has limits and self imposed standards. “You crossed me 3 times already today, that’s it I’m done with you.” And for some of us, you cross us once and that’s it for life. 

Others have grace that come with rules. “Yea, I can offer you grace this time if you do xyz for me next time.” 

What kind of grace is that? Why are we bargaining grace off as if any of us could afford to pay the price of real grace?


Because real grace– the one that Jesus died for so that it can FREELY be made to us, costed everything to Jesus, who chose to bear that price so that we did not have to.

The next time you feel down about yourself and like you messed up, I want you to remember this: The only qualification for endless grace, the type of grace God offers us is that you are a child of God. Meaning that there is no bad day, there is no mess up, no growing season, where God’s grace is not waiting for you.

God didn’t send Jesus because we’re perfect people.

God sent Jesus to save us imperfect people who were made dead by sin so that we could have life through Jesus.

“So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.”

Hebrews‬ ‭4:16‬ ‭NLT‬

Giving yourself grace is a practice and something that you practice. Meaning it’s a way of life and it’s a habit.

So what’s the difference? Grace as a lifestyle is remembering, that because Jesus died on the cross for me so that I can be made alive in grace, grace is always available to me. That’s a core belief I’m centering my lifestyle on.

Grace as a habit is how that belief shows up in practical ways. For example, because I hold this belief that God’s grace is available to me, I can make grace available in the way I think, in the way I speak, and the way I act towards my self and others.

When you live grace as a life style it changes the way you respond to life.

If you’re someone who struggles with negative beliefs or negative habits, you’re not alone. I can help. I teach practical strategies for letting go of negative beliefs and replacing them with healthier ones such as grace as a lifestyle. If you’re ready to step into a healthier and more confident you, then apply for 1 on 1 coaching with me.

Affirm this today: I can give myself grace even if I still have room to grow.

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