Okay, definitely picking up on some red flags worth exploring here.

Trauma, Church hurt, or just life experiences have held you back from the freedom you desire, and you’re wondering how do I break free from the hold these have on me. How do I make the changes needed to develop a relationship with God that I actually enjoy?  This space that you find yourself in may feel confusing, overwhelming, and hard. That’s normal. You’re not alone in feeling that way. 

You may now realize that you have some work to do. Or maybe you already knew that and just needed some confirmation for what you were sensing. This is it. You know it’s time to heal what’s been keeping you from going all in in your relationship with God. You’re ready and want to learn how to let go of the pain and the limiting beliefs as you go deeper in your faith.

This newfound awareness about your faith is the starting point to get you to where you want to be.

Up until now it may have been hard to face what was really going on because maybe it’s too painful or embarrassing to admit that you struggle with your faith. The hardest part is not knowing what to do about it while trying to figure it out all on your own. 

You don’t have to feel so alone anymore! It’s time to heal, find a community to grow with, and go all in on developing a relationship with God that helps you to live your best life. The From Hurt to Healed: Reclaim Your Faith Group Coaching Program would be perfect for you because you are going to fill in the gaps where your tools are missing and really learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, develop healthy holistic habits, and feel more grounded in your connection to God.

When you start to heal and reclaim your faith, you will experience a depth to your relationship with God you never imagined was possible. If you do the healing work of getting rid of toxic beliefs and unhealthy habits, you will find exactly what you’re looking for: freedom, authenticity, a real relationship with God

Ready to further your healing journey? Here are 3 tips you could try right now…

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Contrary to popular belief, asking questions actually helps us to go deeper in our faith! If we never seek to evaluate our beliefs ourselves we won’t truly know the foundation on which our beliefs are standing on. The next time you notice yourself engaging in unhealthy spiritual habits or holding onto a negative view of God, take a moment and ask yourself “where did that view or habit come from? Why am I doing it?”. A little bit of questioning can significantly increase your awareness of your faith!

2. Choose grace. Asking questions requires you to get really honest with yourself. You may realize that you were holding on to some really negative mindsets such as comparing yourself to others or having low self esteem. Instead of beating yourself up for how it’s impacted your faith, see it as an opportunity to grow. This is your chance to let go of those mindsets now that you’re aware of them. What better way to let go than by replacing it with the grace God so readily gives us?

3. Show yourself love! Maybe you’ve been through some extremely difficult things that have really made it hard for you to connect with your faith. Healing is a process that sometimes takes time. It’s okay to have good days and bad days, including in your relationship with God. He knows where you’re at and He’s ready to meet you right there in that messy middle. Be sure to love yourself throughout your healing journey so you can allow yourself to have the freeing and authentic faith that you so deeply long for.

Hi, I'm Jelilat Williams!

I am a believer, therapist, educator, and faith coach.  As an experienced therapist I am here to help you cultivate your faith, take control of your mental health, and develop the habits you need to live a life you love. Through education, faith, and healthy mental habits you will feel empowered, equipped, and encouraged to transform your life.