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The power in making space for God’s timing

Let’s talk about how God made space for time when he sent Jesus to save the world and how making space for time in your own life is powerful.

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Affirmation: I will make space for time

It’s okay to make space for time. But, if you’re anything like me, you want things now.

You want the vision God gave you to happen now, despite you not having the skills to handle it yet.

You want your healing to happen now, but the first time you even realized you had a problem was yesterday.

You want to be in the next season now, though this one just started.

I get it. If we could just skip over all that in between and just go from one now to the next now, that would be great! But even God himself, did not make a plan to save the world overnight.

If things are taking a little longer to happen in your life, remember that God did not make a plan to save the world overnight. Give has a special time for your miracle too. 

God sent Jesus, who had to come into the world as a baby, just like the rest of us

Jesus had to grow up and go through all of the developmental stages, just like we did (and still have to 👀). It wasn’t until Jesus died on the cross at 33 years old, that God’s plan for Jesus as our savior was complete.

Now if Jesus, GOD’S SON, needed to make space for time, why are we in such a rush to speed it up?

Time is a gift. If God had sent Jesus into the world already 33 years old, and immediately sent him straight to cross, we would have missed out on so many lessons that have become the foundations of our faith today.

👉🏾 We wouldn’t know that there’s redemption for those that betray their friends.
👉🏾 We wouldn’t know that there’s grace for those who still have some issues that they’re struggling with.
👉🏾 We wouldn’t know what it means to give up the life we had for the life God has for us.
👉🏾 We wouldn’t know the true depth of God’s love for us.

All of which were revealed with time.

Affirm today, I will make space for time. Because when you do, you make space for so much more ❤️

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