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7 Bible Study Tips For Beginners

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Tip 1 - You don’t have to go in order.

You don’t have to go in order and that means you don’t have to start in Genesis. *Cue sigh of relief*

Forcing yourself to start in Genesis because it’s the beginning is the fastest way to get bored. Forcing yourself to read anything will make it feel like it’s a chore. And if you’re just starting out, that’s going to make you want to read the Bible even less.

*trying to read the Bible

So where do you start, you ask? Well that brings us to tip number 2.

Tip 2 - Start where you are at!!

If you are struggling with insecurity, read what the Bible has to say about that. If you are struggling with anxiety, look for bible stories that talk about that.

There is nothing, I mean NOTHING that is not talked about in the Bible. Any situation I’ve ever been through has been represented in the Bible in one form or another. What’s even better, is that the Bible is the living word, that means that it is alive. And because of that the Bible will always be relevant to your life.

Tip 3 - Start with a devotional

If you’re someone who struggles to connect with God’s word or find it boring, then start with a devotional! The Bible app contains many many devotionals within the app!

Devotionals provide real examples of seeing how to connect God’s word to your life. There are many different kinds of devotionals from simple ones that give you a blog and then some bible verses to read to ones that are a bit more complex with full on lesson plans and questions to ask yourself at the end. They even have some with video devotionals if videos are your thing.

If you’re looking for suggestions, download my free guide 8 Bible Verses for Hope for 8 Bible verses you can begin studying and meditating on today!

Tip 4 - Read the Bible with others

Sometimes, the best way to connect with the Bible is to discuss it! Most people give up or stop reading the word because they don’t understand it. Conversations bring about understanding, especially if it’s with people who are further along in their faith than you.

That’s why going to Church or being a part of a spiritual community is so important. If you don’t have people around you that you can talk to, I encourage you to look up blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, or watch sermons about whatever it is you are currently studying in the Bible to help you not only grow deeper in your understanding, but also better connect with the Bible as well.

Tip 5 - Pray before you begin

The 5th tip, which actually probably should have been the first tip, is to pray before you begin reading.

Your prayers don’t have to be elaborate. You can keep it short and simple! This is my usual prayer.

Dear God, give me awareness, insight and understanding. Open my eyes to see what you want me to see, ears to hear you, and the heart to recognize you.
In Jesus name, Amen.

If you follow me on social media @itsjelilat, you know how much I talk about prayer because I believe in the power of prayer!! You’d be surprised at just how much your Bible reading time is impacted just because you prayed.

Tip 6 - Start small

Read just a verse or a small passage in the Bible instead of trying to cover too much at once. Why are you trying to read all of the Psalms in one sitting? If you‘re anything like me, you’d probably get to Psalm 43 but only remember what you read in Psalm 6 and have to start ALL over again. That’s a waste of time if you’re not retaining anything. Don’t over pressure yourself and start small.

Tip 7 - Ask questions

Everything in the Bible has a purpose from every word used, to every sentence break, to the very order of the verses and the way it was written. It is important to read the Bible with an active mind. Ask yourself what does this mean? Why is this here? Take note of what you don’t understand, and what keeps sticking out to you. Reading the Bible with curiosity will help you to go deeper during your Bible study time.

Tip 8 - Bonus tip!

Use the internet. Google what confuses you, find supplemental information on what you are currently reading the Bible.

You do have to be careful of false doctrine, people can and do write some crazy stuff on the internet. But the internet also has plenty of resources with sound doctrine that could really help deepen your Bible study time. 

Alright TLV fam, that’s 7…well 8 Bible study tips to improve your Bible study experience! I’m curious what are some of your tips on how you learn from the Bible? Leave me a comment below.

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